90 Tons Crane overturned

90 Tons Crane overturned

16 May 2017

While trying to relocate its 90 T Grove Crane on site with the boom half way up near the City of Modin in Israel, it lost stability and overturned.

The  Crane driver moved with boom open at 60 degrees in terrain not suitable for the task.

The company, Avi Cranes had few incidents in the past few years including a fatally.

This time minor injuries for the driver.

90 Tons Crane overturned

90 Tons Crane overturned

90 Tons Crane overturned

Comment by the Heavy Lift Specialist:

When do crane operators understand what a Centre of Gravity means. Have they not been trained???

When the boom is in upright postion and all counterweight of the crane is on, you should be extremely carefull when moving the crane on its own tires. 

One precaution that could be taken is to retract the boom and lower it down as well as partly extend the outriggers and have the support pads just above the soil, while moving it.

At all times follow the instructions in the Crane's operation manual.

When I receive more info on this incident I will let you know

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