Video: Crane overturn in Austin

Video: Crane overturn in Austin

The overturned crane

11. January 2018 

A man was injured when a lattice truck crane overturned in Austin, Texas yesterday. The operator was initial trapped in the cab, but managed to extract himself, he was not seriously injured. 

The crane, owned and operated by Sun Crane, was lifting a concrete wall panel in a tilt up process, when it one of chains or brackets broke, allowing the load to drop, causing it to swing out of radius at the same time as a dynamic loading was applied as the other chains caught the load. As a result the crane lost stability.  

Raymond Construct Company is the main contractor for the project. A spokesman said: “A crane overturned this morning, no injuries were reported except one worker slightly injured his foot when exiting the crane cab.

We are still investigating the incident to determine what caused the collapse.” Osha is investigating.  SOURCE:

Watch the video below:

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