Crane overturn in Nashville

Crane overturn in Nashville

The crane was well set up with large mats and full counterweight

3. March 2018

A four axle All Terrain crane overturned onto a new cinema being built at a shopping mall in Mursfreesboro, on the south east side of Nashville, Tennessee. 

The incident occurred on Thursday at the Stones River Mall, the crane a Terex – possibly an AC100/4L owned by CraneWorks– was rigged with full six section main boom and full bi-fold swingaway extension out. It was set with substantial outrigger mats and lifting over the rear, placing an air conditioning unit into the centre of the roof area. 

According to the emergency services that were called to the incident, the wind shifted the load out of radius, causing the operator to raise the boom in an attempt to reduce the radius but the crane had already lost stability and went over.

The damage to the crane and building is said to be relatively minor. Most importantly no one was hurt in the incident – at least as far as we know. SOURCE:

The crane was fully rigged with six section boom and bi fold extensionCrane overturn in Nashville

The crane was fully rigged with six section boom and bi fold extension

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04/03/18 @ 13:166

Good Afternoon Mr Krabbendam,Recent public comments about Armchair Experts (and Overturned Crane above, the second in Two weeks) prompts me to write. HSE in UK will confirm that 9852 (yes 9852) Men & Women have now been killed at Work in the UK since Parliament enrolled The HSW etc Act in 1974. With another 137 Killed at Work during 2016.Therefore it follows that someone needs to speak up for the Dead, because they cannot speak for themselves. So as no-one else speaks up, I will.Moreover 10 years of Research into Crane Safety since 070507, confirms that 472 ( yes 472) Men, Women and Children have now been Killed Worldwide by Cranes and Lifting Operations. With 10 Fatalities while assembling Wind Turbine compoentents worldwide. Therefore HSE will confirm that the recommended Hierarchy of Controls to pro-actively manage Safety is known as ERIC-PD ( Eliminate, Reduce, Isolate, Control, PPE & Discipline). Therefore for employers to jump straight to PPE is a VG example of how some companies pay Lip Service to Managing Safety. When in practice they should be Pro-Actively Managing Safety via the Hierarchy of Controls above. The Best example I can give of this wrong-headed approach is the words of the CEO of a £135 million company who said to me personally that Health and Safety was a Load of Bollocks. ( His words not mine). So bearing in mind that Lincoln Crown Court imposed a £1.1 million fine plus £550,000 costs (circa €1.8 million Euro) on the Defendant company on Friday 230218, for a Fatal Breach of section 3(1) of HSW etc Act. This then confirms yet again, that Pro-Actively Managing Safety is now Highly Cost Effective for all Employers. Starting with ERIC ?Kind RegardsMike Ponsonby

04/03/18 @ 23:223

In this case of the AC100-4(L) turning over. The wind was not a factor. In Nashville that day wind was less than 14mph, which is quite normal for this crane to work in on a daily basis. The crane is rigged on full boom and 19m fly jib. The offset is @ zero degrees. The crane has much better lifting capacity when the fly jib is rigged @ 40 degrees. The operator is reported to have said he tried to boom back as the load was swinging out of radius due to wind. This would not be the case with 13mph on a small air handling unit as the load. My opinion is that because the crane was not rigged with the fly jib @ 40 degrees. The crane had no room for error and was probably only just good for the weight of the load. I believe the hook was placed centre over the load but as the load was lifted the boom deflected as the weight was taken and then swung out of radius which could of been 3 metres or more with this model of crane. As the SWL would be around 1 tonnes at the radius shown as the load swung this overloaded the crane by a high percentage therefore tipping the crane quite quickley. According to the duty chart of the crane at 48m radius with zero degrees offset on the 19m fly jib the crane SWL is 0.8 tonnes but with 40 degrees offset it doubles to 1.6 tonnes SWL. So the incident was likely caused by the two factors I have mentioned. (not wind in my opinion)




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