Crane overturn in Vienna

Crane overturn in Vienna

The crane came down onto a car, but did not affect the driver's area

7. April 2017

A three axle city type All Terrain crane overturned in a Vienna street on Monday damaging three vehicles and pulling down some cable suspended street lights.

The crane a Terex AC City belonging to crane and access rental /heavy transport company Felbermayr was rigged with its full six section boom extended holding a large skip that was being filled with old roof tiles by a crew stripping them from the top of the building.

It looks as though a combination of overload and a little wind caused the crane to lose stability.

The heavily laden skip landed in the street and remained upright with most of its load remaining inside. 

Crane overturn in ViennaThe crane had its full boom extended

It landed on a van but missed the drivers cab, while to cars were also damaged.

Thankfully not of the occupants of the three vehicles was harmed. Felbermayr sent in a large All Terrain to recover the overturned crane. 

Crane overturn in ViennaOne of the outriggers was distorted in the incident

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09/04/17 @ 10:54-1

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