Dual forks drop the load

Dual forks drop the load

A dual fork truck lift

8. November 2017 

Spotted by one of our regular readers, a video of one fork lift lifting another smaller fork truck, to reach a point that is too high for each of them individually, in order to place a large air conditioning unit on an upper floor.

This sort of stunt - or solution - occurs far more often than you might think, considering how stupid it is. But it is rare that a failure such as this is captured on a video for all to see what can and does go wrong. It looks to have been posted a few weeks ago and most likely occurred in China.

Thankfully this time, it looks as though no one was hurt in the incident, although it is doubtful that the air conditioning unit that was being lifted will be much good for anything. 

In the words of our correspondent “Hi, I would like to "nominate" these genius people who used two fork lifts to hoist an AC unit. I found it in the Spanish humour page "el rellano". But I don't think it is funny... it's actually dangerous.”

Watch the video HERE

Dual forks drop the load

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