The verge and ditch season is here

The verge and ditch season is here

Recovery will be challenging

9. January 2018 

This time of year we receive numerous reports of All Terrain cranes sliding off the edge of narrow roads into ditches.

Verges tend to be soft and the edges of secondary roads can be undermined or weakened by the damp conditions. The results are sometimes minor, but sometimes quite serious. 

The first of the year occurred early yesterday morning near Grimaud, southern France. A five axle crane belonging to Foselev ended up in a ditch on the D-61 as the driver pulled over towards the verge, "in order to allow another vehicle to pass". He stated that the situation was made worse in that in addition to the narrow road it was dark and raining at the time.

The driver, 46, was unhurt, the recovery however is presenting a challenge. 

The verge and ditch season is hereIt seems that the edge of the road gave way

This might serve as a reminder of the need for drivers to be extra diligent on such roads and for crane dispatchers to be alert to the condition of roads approaching a job. SOURCE:

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