Tower over in Poland

Tower over in Poland

The crane failed at the foundation level

9 October 2017 

A luffing jib tower crane came crashing down in Opole, Poland - between Wroclaw and Katowice - on Thursday night after strong winds hit the area. 

It is clear from the photographs that we have receieved, that the crane failed at the foundation base - or close to the base - at the same time the jib blew over the rear and further damage was done when the falling crane collided with surrounding structures. We understand that no one was hurt in the incident. 

Tower over in PolandFurther damage was cause when the crane struck surrounding structures

Our local source claims that the crane belongs to the distributor of a major manufacturer - but so far we have not been able to corroborate the information.

We also do not know whether the crane was left in full weather vane mode or not.  

We will update when we learn more and can categorically confirm the incident. SOURCE:

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