Antonov Airlines joins GPLN as a Sponsor

Antonov Airlines joins GPLN as a Sponsor

Antonov Company dba Antonov Airlines is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. Antonov Airlines was the first to offer the AN-124 commercially and continues to set the standard.

Aerospace, defense, energy, humanitarian, industrial, automotive, oil & gas; whatever the project task Antonov provides the air cargo solution.

The unique capabilities of the 250 tons payload AN-225 and the 60 tons payload AN-22 augment the seven AN-124s with up to 150 tons payload in the Antonov Airlines' fleet. Antonov is the design and maintenance authority for these most capable cargo aircraft.

The 13,000 Antonov employees provide unrivalled technical expertise for moving project cargo safely and economically today, tomorrow and for decades to come. That is why "Antonov" is always on the plane. "No Other Name Carries More Weight".

Antonov will also join GPLN’s 14th Annual General Meeting in Dubai from April 21-23, 2017 and introduce their services to over 160 GPLN delegates from all parts of the world who have registered for this conference so far.

The interest and support in GPLN and their members shown by the renown outsize air cargo company reinforces the position of GPLN as the leading project network in the world.                            

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Luzius Haffter

Executive Director

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