First Dreamliner for EL AL

First Dreamliner for EL AL

Photo: Boeing

28 Augsut 2017

EL AL Israel Airlines and Air Lease Corporation are celebrating the delivery of the carrier's first Boeing B787 Dreamliner.

"The arrival of the first B787 Dreamliner is a day of pride and joy to all of us at EL AL," said EL AL's CEO David Maimon. "It is the highlight in the ongoing renewal of my carrier's fleet, which started a year and a half ago when we decided to order 16 B787 Dreamliners."

Ray Conner, the Boeing Company's vice-chairman, responded: "We are honoured to deliver the first B787 Dreamliner to EL AL." EL AL has been an all-Boeing carrier since taking delivery of its first new Boeing airplane in 1961. The airline currently operates a fleet of more than 40 airplanes including next-generation B737s, B747s, B767s and B777s. (ah)

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