Fatal crane overturn

Fatal crane overturn

The crane simply overturned over the rear of the carrier

13. July 2017 

Seven people died when the boom of an overturning truck crane landed on a passing mini bus in Puning, Guangdong province, China on Tuesday.

Fatal crane overturnThe occupants towards the front of the van did not stand a chance

The entire incident was captured on the dashcam, of a following car. Three other people were badly injured, including at least one young child.

The crane – which looks as though it needs some decent maintenance, appears to have simply lost stability, either as a result of the ground giving way, poor set up or an overload.

This is all the information we have at this point.  SOURCE: Vertikal.net

Watch the video below:

Gepubliceerd op 12 jul. 2017

Seven people were dead on the spot as a crane hit a minivan on Tuesday in Puning city of southern China's Guangdong Province. Three others were injured.

The crane, stationed at a construction site, reportedly tipped over, hitting the passing minivan carrying the 10 people. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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