New Demag crane for Scholpp Kran und Transport GMBH

New Demag crane for Scholpp Kran und Transport GMBH

Left to right: Stephan Burkhardt (Head of Operation, Scholpp Kran und transport), Michael Ochs (Crane Operator, Scholpp Kran und Transport GmbH) and Michael Zieger (Sales Manager, Terex Cranes). 

Date 23 October 2018

Scholpp Kran und Transport GmbH received its second Demag AC 220-5 all terrein crane in a span of a year. Stephan Burkhardt, Head of Operation and Stuttgard Regional Manager said that the first AC 220-5 won them over with its reliability. "There were no breakdowns or malfunctions whatsoever, and the crane's boom length is something to behold, so deciding on another unit of the same model was pretty straightforward. 

Scholpp Kran und Transport GmbH highly values safety, which is why the IC-1 Plus control system was expecially important in its decision. Burkhardt praises the lifting capacity radar as being one of a kind. and explains that it was an important factor in the new purchase. 

Just like the AC 220-5 the company bought last year, this new Demag crane will be used at the BASF plant in Ludwigshafen. "Having two AC 220-5 cranes will enable us to be more flexible wgen we need to temporarily remove one of them from service, etc. And in the tight space conditions at the site, the IC-1 Plus control system and its ease of use have proven to be invaluable, so we hope that we'll be able to do our work even more efficiently."

Source Terex

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