‘Landshut’ Airplane Returns to Germany with Help from Logistics Plus

‘Landshut’ Airplane Returns to Germany with Help from Logistics Plus

Posted September 25, 2017 by logisticsplus

Logistics Plus, working with its global partner Salco Logistics, has played a crucial role in helping the hijacked ‘Landshut’ airplane return home to Germany.

The German airplane, that a Palestinian militant group hijacked and flew to Somalia in 1977, is returning home to Germany to be restored. The plane’s hijacking was a key moment of the so-called “German Autumn” (read more here).

‘Landshut’ Airplane Returns to Germany with Help from Logistics Plus

Involved from the early stages, the Logistics Plus and Salco project specialists checked the details of the airplane in Fortaleza and estimated what the dimensions of the parts would be after dismantling. Then all possibilities and various options for transport by sea and air were investigated and evaluated. In the end only two options remained, and the final decision was then made to bring the airplane home in a chartered Antonov 124-100 and an Ilyushin 76TD.

Salco Logistics arranged all handling in Fortaleza during the dismantling and loading of the parts to the chartered aircraft. Logistics Plus then arranged for the handling on arrival in Friedrichshafen and the move to the Dornier Museum where the airplane will be on exhibit.

This is another great example of cooperation in-action, and what can be successfully accomplished by the Logistics Plus Project Cargo team and its reliable partners. Logistics Plus will also soon release a showcase video on the move, but in the meantime you can check out the photos below.

Also, you can find more German media news coverage here:https://www.swr.de/swraktuell/bw/friedrichshafen/die-landshut-ist-da/-/id=1542/did=20330772/nid=1542/1q3jh2c/index.html

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