220t Demag for Italy

220t Demag for Italy

Danese Autogru's new Demag AC 220-5

13. September 2017 

Italian crane rental company Danese Autogru has taken delivery of a 220 tonne Demag AC 220-5 All Terrain crane.

The five axle crane features an eight section 78 metre main boom, plus an 11.4 to 21 metre bi-fold swingaway extension for a 99 metre maximum tip height. It is also fitted with Demag's IC-1 Plus system, which calculates the crane’s capacity based on the actual outrigger and counterweight setting and will also maximise the capacity based on slew angle.

Owner Giancarlo Danese said: "At the moment, we have some smaller Terex and Demag All Terrain cranes, and we are completely satisfied with their performance.

This larger five axle Demag is extremely easy to transport and can be put into operation in the shortest possible time, qualities with which we can offer our customers high efficiency. In addition, we are more than satisfied with the support from our dealer Tecno-Gru which helps is to work productively."  SOURCE: Vertikal.net

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