25 Demags for Mediaco

25 Demags for Mediaco

The three axle Demag AC 55-3

20. March 2017 

French rental company Mediaco has ordered 25 Demag All Terrain cranes.

The order includes 20 units of the 55 tonne AC 55-3, two 100 tonne AC 100-4s, two 160 tonne AC 160-5s and one 130 tonne AC 130-5. The cranes have automated counterweight rigging systems and feature the IC-1 Plus control system.

The 25 new cranes are expected to join Mediaco’s fleet from July, with the full order delivered by the end of February next year. They add to the company’s fleet of over 600 machines.

Mediaco president Alexandre Vernazza said: “We are delighted to resume our business with Terex Cranes. We have known Steve Filipov for a while and have always trusted him. The fact that he is back at the head of Terex Cranes made us feel confident that we can sign this new order.”

Terex Cranes president Steve Filipov added: “Our ambition is to regain our leadership in the French crane market. And if you want to be the number one in France, you have to sell to the number one French rental company.

We are proud to have our Demag cranes back in Mediaco’s fleet.”  SOURCE: Vertikal.net

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