ALE gets heavy with platform load-out

ALE gets heavy with platform load-out

August 10 - ALE has completed the load-out of Shell Offshore's Appomattox semi-submersible offshore platform hull, which has been constructed in South Korea and will be transported to Ingleside, Texas, USA.

The UK-headquartered heavy lift and transport engineering company says that at 40,440 tonnes it was the heaviest load-out operation ever performed by ALE using skid shoes and push pulls.

The load-out is the culmination of a lengthy contract for ALE.In the summer of 2016 ALE used 48 skid shoes to move the semi-complete hull from the waterside further onto the quay, so that it could be completed using sheerlegs.

Prior to last week's load-out, ALE used a 112-point weighing system consisting of hydraulic jacks and load cells to gauge the weight of the platform hull.

ALE gets heavy with platform load-out

To perform the load-out, ALE installed 96 skid shoes under the hull, including 48 new units each with an 800-tonne capacity. With 12 skid shoes on eight tracks, all skidding was controlled by ALE's new computerised skidding system.

The ballasting and real-time monitoring of the load-out onto a barge was undertaken by ALE Offshore Services, a specialist offshore division of the company.

The platform hull was subsequently floated off the barge and onto Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers' Xin Guang Hua semi-submersible for transport to the Gulf of Mexico.In 2015, Shell made the final investment decision (FID) to advance the Appomattox deep-water development in the Gulf of Mexico, with average peak production estimated to reach approximately 175,000 barrels of oil equivalent (boe) per day.

This decision authorised the construction and installation of Shell's eighth and largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Appomattox development will initially produce from the Appomattox and Vicksburg fields. According to Shell, the development host will consist of a semi-submersible, four-column production host platforms, a subsea system featuring six drill centres, 15 producing wells, and five water injection wells. SOURCE: HLPFI

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