Another Building Milestone- Ceremonial Ship Launching for OOS International

Another Building Milestone- Ceremonial Ship Launching for OOS International

New modern masterpiece semi-submersible accommodation vessel (SSAV) 

Yantai, China, February 9th 2018 

On February 7th, the naming and delivery ceremony for SSAV OOS Tiradentes has taken place at CIMC Raffles in Yantai. This vessel, named after a national Brazilian hero who stood up for independency, will have its next base in Brazil. 

Mr. Léon Overdulve, CEO and founder of OOS International: “At the shipyard of CIMC Raffles, more than thousands of yard employees and team members of OOS International were involved in the construction of the OOS Tiradentes.

We are overwhelmed by the number of people that have worked on this vessel bursting with high tech equipment. The same holds for the way they handled unpredicted difficulties and the highest technical standards in such a good and safe order, subsequent steps that led us to this position.” 

“These moments are essential as both OOS International and CIMC Raffles have reached another building milestone which has given proof of our strong business relation, our success and great value to the offshore and shipbuilding industry. Bearing this in mind, with the OOS Tiradentes OOS International responds directly to the increasing client demands supporting Petrobras on their offshore operations.” 

Another Building Milestone- Ceremonial Ship Launching for OOS InternationalName giving and delivery ceremony OOS Tiradentes 

The OOS Tiradentes is a deepwater semi-submersible accommodation vessel built to UK-HSE standards and is ABS Habitability compliant. She is also equipped with an advanced telescopic gangway, DP class 3 system for positioning and accommodation capacity for 600 persons on board with residential conditions above 5-star hotel requirements. This unit can reach a speed of over 11 knots and allows DPS-2 operations under the closed bus-tie mode for reduction of energy consumption. 

All invited guests witnessed the godmother of the OOS Tiradentes, Daniëlle Keijzer of OOS International, successfully break the champagne bottle against the hull of the vessel before launching the unit. 

Another Building Milestone- Ceremonial Ship Launching for OOS InternationalBreaking the bottle of champagne on the hull of the vessel considered tradition confirming its name 

OOS International would like to thank CIMC Raffles for this opportunity and final result. 

OOS International is doing its utmost to efficiently accomplish the most difficult projects within the best amount of time and without environmental issues for its clients. We wish our captain and crew a safe journey with the OOS Tiradentes ready to sail out to Brazil. 

Another Building Milestone- Ceremonial Ship Launching for OOS International

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