Another electrocution incident

Another electrocution incident

The church has power lines to two sides of the building

10. April 2017 

A man working from a boom lift was electrocuted on Saturday in downtown Danville, Indiana – on the west side of Indianapolis.

The man, Chris Goins, 59 - a self-employed contractor –was using a straight telescopic JLG boom lift to clean the gutters of the Danville Christian Church, when he came in to contact with, or got too close to a high voltage power line. The church has power lines running along the front and the side of the building. 

Hendricks Power was called out to shut down the power before the rescue recovery could begin. It also checked the lines, before restoring power to the immediate area.

Goins was declared dead at the scene, an investigation has been launched. He was not working alone, a man on the ground witnessed the event and called the emergency services.

The American Legion has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Goins' funeral expenses and to support the family as he had no life insurance. More than $19,000 was raised in the first 24 hours.  SOURCE:

Another electrocution incidentThe boom lift after the emergency services had completed the immediate investigation

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