BigLift expands fleet with two MC-Class vessels

BigLift expands fleet with two MC-Class vessels

Amsterdam, 9 October 2017 – BigLift Shipping has decided to end its co-operation with Rolldock Shipping in the Joint Venture ”BigRoll Shipping” per January 1st 2018. From then on, the Heavy Transport vessels will be added to the BigLift fleet.

BigLift Barentsz and BigLift Baffin are two identical state of the art Module Carriers. Theyadvance BigLift’s shipping capabilities by offering a large flush deck for ro-ro cargos. The broader range of vessels will enable BigLift to offer clients even better customized shipping solutions of ever larger and heavier cargoes, both in large projects as in single shipments.

BigLift expands fleet with two MC-Class vesselsThe fleet-expansion expresses BigLift’s commitment to the heavy transport market, offering reliability, state of the art vessels and high class engineering services.

With Finnish Swedish 1A ice class, powering and steering redundancy and a strong, flush deck of 125 x 42 metres the MC Class vessels will be able to handle large module shipments, cranes and other voluminous cargo. The vessels already executed multiple challenging voyages in which they demonstrated their low fuel consumption, excellent service speed and reduced vessel motions.

Ongoing contracts and tenders of BigRoll Shipping will still be executed in co-operation with Rolldock Shipping.

BigLift Shipping 

BigLift Shipping – member of Spliethoff Group – is a world leading heavy lift shipping company with a history dating back to 1973.

BigLift’s fleet consists of 14 modern heavy lift vessels with lifting capacities up to 1,800 mt. In 2018 a third Happy S-type vessel as well as two BigLift MCClass heavy transport vessels will be added to the fleet.

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