BreakBulk Events

BreakBulk Events

10 August 2017

Do not wait any longer and reserve your ticket HERE for the BreakBulk South East Asia Conference and Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur from September 4-6, 2017.

Check out the FloorPlan below or the Link HERE to find your BreakBulk Partner and pay them a visit:

Here is a link of our website where you can check all of our latest information and also sign up for event alerts. It would be great if you could post Breakbulk Events and Media news as well on your website as you mentioned.

There is also our recent magazine publication special on our next Europe event in which will be held in Bremen and other useful information for Breakbulk Europe 2018, please kindly take the time to review.

All photos from Breakbulk Europe 2017 can be viewed and downloaded on our Flickr account – it’s our biggest event, I’ve attached a floorplan for next year which shows the commitment already from our valued clients.

BreakBulk Events

BreakBulk Events

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