C-Job Naval Architects opens first international office

C-Job Naval Architects opens first international office

4 Dec. 2017

Independent ship design and engineering company C-Job Naval Architects has initiated its first international office in Nikolayev, Ukraine.

Representing the continued and consistent growth of the company, the new office, which currently employs 20 full time engineers, will significantly increase C-Job’s capacity to offer design and engineering services for the global maritime market.

Operating under the company name of C-Job Nikolayev, the new office in Ukraine will have a fully collaborative relationship with C-Job’s three offices in the Netherlands.

“This brings a powerful addition to our existing services for shipyards and ship owners worldwide,” comments Basjan Faber, Managing Director of C-Job. “As the company has expanded, we have learned the importance of offering flexibility of services to our clients. This new office will allow us to continue with this successful and cost-effective formula.”

C-Job Nikolayev will provide increased resources to operations coordinated and monitored out of the head office. “Besides that, this new office is a better location to serve the East European and Black Sea maritime markets,” Mr Faber adds.

A city with a maritime philosophy

“We will be bringing increased engineering capacity to the C-Job table,” says C-Job Nikolayev Managing Director Andrey Zherebetsky. “To this end, we have gathered together a motivated team of 20 full time engineers.” 

Talking about C-Job’s reasons for selecting the city of Nikolayev for its first overseas office, Mr Zherebetsky goes on to say that historically speaking, Ukraine has a very rich maritime heritage. “In particular, Nikolayev – with numerous shipyards and the respected Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding – is the centre of the shipbuilding industry in this region. This is a very suitable location for C-Job’s first international expansion.”

Software skills

For any company, one of the key benefits of setting up an office in Ukraine is to be able to offer its clients substantial cost reductions. However, the issue is more complex than that, explains Mr Zherebetsky: “The financial advantages are obviously important – we can deliver European standards of ship design and engineering at Ukrainian costs – but we have an excellent range of skills here that is very attractive to clients.” 

“For example, depending on the client’s needs, we can deliver engineering packages with a wide range of software – Cadmatic, Siemens NX, Inventor, Intergraph, and Rhinoceros 3D, ANSYS, Siemens Femap and AVEVA – all within the specific requirements of shipyards and ship owners. This attention to client’s needs and our commitment to quality run parallel to the more obvious cost incentives.”

Established track record

“We have built up a strong relationship with Mr Zherebetsky and his team in Ukraine over the last five years. This has resulted in an extensive track record regarding multiple projects,” adds Mr Faber. “Our 75 staff at the three C-Job offices in the Netherlands are looking forward to working closer with them.”

About C-Job Naval Architects:

C-Job Naval Architects is the largest independent ship design and engineering company in the Netherlands. Established 10 years ago, the company now employs close to 100 in-house maritime engineers and naval architects in four offices.

We work with a passion for everything afloat. Whether its new build or conversions & modifications, C-Job is renowned for ground-breaking new vessels in a broad range of maritime sectors that includes dredging, heavy lift, offshore (wind), ferries, superyachts and more. 

From the very first concept vessel designs, through to basic and detailed engineering packages, C-Job engineers are committed to producing new, innovative and sustainable solutions for the global maritime shipbuilding industry. Our attention to detail and close cooperation with ship owners and yards means that we are able to develop exactly what the client has in mind. 

In addition to ship design services, C-Job also offers clients worldwide assistance and support during the construction process (Building Supervision). It is also possible for our personnel to work at a client’s location to provide tailor-made naval architectural and engineering expertise on a temporary basis (C-Job On-Site). 

For more information, please contact Wietse Bandstra: 31 (0)88 0243 700 or w.bandstra@c-job.com


 C-Job Naval Architects opens first international office


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