Chocks away!

Chocks away!

How not to level a boom lift6. October 2017

Spotted by a reader in the UK an attempt to level a boom lift up on an incline using random wood offcuts.

Some care has been taken to make the best of a bad job, but it is still quite precarious and anyone remotely safety conscious would surely stop this from going any further. It breaks the first rule of planning safe work at height, select the right machine for the job! Boom lifts with levelling jacks are available, while spider lifts or truck mounts can also level up on slopes.

One of the biggest risks here is that while elevated, the operator inadvertently operates the drive function – something that is a good deal easier than you might think.

The lift would come off the blocks and the dynamic loading on top of the drop to off level might be sufficient to overturn it, particularly if the unit is operated with a fully retracted, fully elevated boom. Definitely one for our death wish series.

Chocks away!The position of the cribbing looks a tad precarious

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