Concorde takes final 'flight'

Concorde takes final 'flight'

February 20 - The last Concorde to fly has safely completed its journey to Aerospace Bristol, a new GBP19 million (USD23.65 million) museum that is opening this summer in Filton, near Bristol, UK. - News Desk

Monday 20 February 2017

The complex move was conducted by British Airways and Airbus engineers, who managed every facet of Concorde's final journey.

The iconic aircraft was towed across Filton runway and up a ramp into the new purpose-built hangar at Aerospace Bristol.

The hangar, constructed by Kier, had a wall removed to allow the aircraft to enter the building and, with less than one metre between each wing tip and the building, Concorde was slowly and carefully winched into its exhibition position.

British Airways' Concorde Alpha Foxtrot - also known as 216 - made its maiden flight on April 20, 1979 and touched down on its last flight to Filton on November 26, 2003. SOURCE: HLPFI

Watch the video below:

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