Cortland Synthetic Lifting Slings

Cortland Synthetic Lifting Slings

Engineering certified synthetic lifting sling solutions for more than 30 years 

As an originator of synthetic fiber braiding technology, Cortland has more than 30 years of experience engineering certified high performance lifting sling solutions that safely and efficiently perform to exacting standards. We’re the only fabricator offering the combination of both rope and round slings through one global specialist: 

  • Cortland’s Rope Slings use the patented Plasma® 12x12 braided construction to create extremely strong lifting slings that are very lightweight, flexible and durable 
  • Selantic® Slings are endless loop slings made with high modulus synthetic fibers which provide very low elongation, precise length tolerances and high strength performance 

When trying to meet the technical lift specifications of larger and more challenging lifts, high performance synthetic fiber solutions surpass traditional steel wire sling solutions and standard polyester slings, through strength, weight, handling, and storage efficiencies. Whether your need is lifting and/or lowering lines, recovery solutions, deep water installation slings or slings with high vertical hitch MBL, Cortland can engineer a custom synthetic solution to match the specific needs of your project. 

All of Cortland’s fiber slings adhere to all key global standards, and are tagged appropriately and backed by extensive process control documentation. We also offer innovative integrated hardware solutions. 

Contact us at: for more information. 

Cortland Synthetic Lifting Slings

Cortland Synthetic Lifting Slings

Cortland Synthetic Lifting Slings

Cortland Synthetic Lifting Slings





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