Crane too heavy for bridge

Crane too heavy for bridge

The crane amazingly managed to cross this two ton bridge in one direction, but failed on the return

16. May 2017 

A four axle truck crane plunged through a wooden bridge in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, to the North West of Philadelphia, yesterday.

The bridge is clearly marked with a two tonne weight limit, and yet the driver had managed to take the crane – which probably weighs in the region of 34 to 35 tonnes - over it in, order to gain access to the historic Sunnybrook Ballroom. 

It was only when crossing the bridge again to leave the job that it gave way, dumping the crane into the stream below. The operator was reported to have received a minor injury, but refused any treatment. 

Firefighters focused on containing any fuel or oil spills, while a recovery crew was brough in to remove the crane from the water. SOURCE:

Comment by the Heavy Lift Specialist:

How ignorant can you be to pass a bridge with a 2 Ton limit with such a crane. Lucky for him he was only slightly injured. Next time he may not be so lucky.

Comment by Barry Vermaat:

I would bet money the operator was bullied into this by the company owner or supervisor. Some have tried it with me in the oil sands.....I simply hand them my radio and tell them they can get it done with my noted refusal while I am having a coffee if they want to be stupid. Not once did they take me up on it and usual end up with an apology and request for advice on better way. We always got it done on time, on budget and no one ever got hurt. Company should be charged for this. If the operator did it on his own he should have licence to operate revoked and be charged for negligence. This is the cowboy attitude that gets people hurt or killed and doesn't help the company bottom line even if they are lucky enough to get away with it. I am guessing the extended outrigger is either damage from the drop and it slid open or the operator hit the controls when the crane tipped over.

Comment by the Heavy Lift Specialist:

It is just as Barry says, crane operators should not be influenced by clients, who in many cases push the crane operator to the limit or over the limit.

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