Fuel Monitoring System by HMC

Fuel Monitoring System by HMC

11 Nov. 2017

With stringent emission regulations on the horizon, the market is in need of a system which measures your ship’s efficiency and gives you that extra edge to manage your fleet.

HMC in conjunction with Eefting Energy, is proud to present an intelligent tool which measures your actual fuel consumption and generates a detailed overview for optimizing engine and fleet performance while maintaining emissions compliance.

Through our passion for maritime technology we want to contribute effectively to the preservation of our planet. With the introduction of our fuel efficiency monitoring system, we offer you more control on your ship’s performance by providing a state-of-the-art optimization tool .

The possibility to monitor the fuel consumption and the ship’s emissions are an integral part of this. At the office you can monitor all your vessels on a well designed, contemporary dashboard.  SOURCE: HMC.nl

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