GPLN member Seajet handles air charters

GPLN member Seajet handles air charters

13 Dec. 2017

GPLN member Seajet Company Limited of Beijing in China operated recently two projects of air charters at the same time. The first project was for a Seajet client, shipping 27 units of cables (3.5 tons each) and accessories, with a total weight of 82 tons.

Seajet took three days only to secure the aviation permits and to fly the cargo with a B747-200F from Wuhan, China, to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The second project was a set of stripper, with the biggest unit weighing 25 tons. The cargo was flown from Frankfurt, Germany, to Shenzhen, China, by an IL76.

Seajet is proud of an excellent job done, as discharging such overweight and oversized cargoes from an IL76 was a true challenge. The company organized two 100-ton cranes, axis trucks and special beams to make the horizontal discharging safe.

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