Hemisphere Ship 30ft Yacht from the UK to Auckland

Hemisphere Ship 30ft Yacht from the UK to Auckland

12 feb. 2018

Cargo: Jeanneau Merri Fisher 895 Motor Cruiser Yacht

Cargo Statistics: 9mtrs long x 3mtrs wide x 4mtrs high

Route / Service: Collect the yacht from UK south coast marina, using specialist

boat transport trailer. Port handling & lashing onto a 40ft flat rack container

and then onward sea freight shipment out of gauge, to Auckland port in New Zealand.

When a valued client involved in automotive export contacted us about a shipment to New Zealand, we assumed that it would be for vehicles, but in this case, it was a vessel - not a vehicle

On this occasion, the client asked us to ship a new yacht which he had just personally purchased.

The transport of this 30ft. vessel to New Zealand showcased our ocean freight expertise, with our team handling the shipment from start to finish.

The boat in question was a Jeanneau Merri Fisher 895, 30ft long Motor Cruiser, which the client needed to arrive in time for his visit to New Zealand. It measured an impressive nine metres long, three metres wide and four metres high.

The Hemisphere team arranged and coordinated the collection of the yacht from the Swanwick Marina on the UK south coast by our specialist boat haulage contractor lashing to a 40ft. flat rack container. We sourced and provided the necessary boat shipping cradles, which are essential for the safe and secure transport of yachts by sea voyage.

In addition to working to the tight timeframes, the majority of shipping line services to Auckland actually arrive at Tauranga port, and are subsequently moved by rail up to Auckland rail terminal. This would not be suitable for this type of cargo. We quickly found a suitable service to arrive directly at Auckland port in order to satisfy all of the client’s requirements.

The road transport and container loading were handled safely and efficiently and once we had arranged the export customs and documentation, the shipment was finally ready to depart.

It arrived in Auckland, overseen by our partners in New Zealand, to the satisfaction of the end customer who can now proceed on their own ocean adventures in Oceania.

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