High five for EXG

High five for EXG

November 10 - Express Global Logistics (EXG) has completed the port handling, Customs clearance and transportation of five pieces of oversized cargo at the Port of Kolkata, India.

heavyliftpfi.com - News DeskFriday 10 November 2017

The shipment originated in Shanghai and arrived at the port onboard a Hanssy Shipping vessel. After port clearance EXG transported the cargoes to Siliguri, 570 km away.

The units weighed 47 tons (42.6 tonnes) each, and measured 29.7 m x 3.1 m x 3.2 m.

When loaded onto the trailers for transportation by road to Siliguri, the overall length of the combination measured 48 m.

High five for EXG

As the trailers had to pass three railway crossings, which had a height of 4.6 m, EXG replaced part of the saddle fitted on the autoclave with a wooden cradle to reduce the height by 0.2 m.

Headquartered in Mumbai, EXG is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India. SOURCE: HLPFI 


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