Manitowoc Unveils Grove GRT655 RT Crane

Manitowoc Unveils Grove GRT655 RT Crane

Grove GRT655 RT Crane

March 15, 2017 

Last week, Manitowoc unveiled the Grove GRT655 rough-terrain crane. It is the latest update to the company’s range of next-generation RTs with features that will help companies increase efficiency and return on investment. 

The GRT655 is a 55-ton capacity crane that features a 114.3-ft., four-section, full-power greaseless boom. The bottom wear pads that support the boom sections consist of a continuous, flexible sheet of oil-impregnated pad material and are arranged in a segmented style.

The long-boom version, the GRT655L, which was on display at ConExpo, has a 141.2-ft., five-section, greaseless boom. The longer boom gives it a maximum working radius of 120 ft., and a 3% greater chart capacity than competing cranes at that radius.

As a standard feature on both the GRT655 and GRT655L will be polymer outrigger pads that are nearly 50% lighter than traditional, steel pads. The decreased weight—33 lbs. per polymer pad compared with 58 lbs. per steel pad—will enable crane operators to stow the pads more easily.

Smart length-sensing extension cylinders are used to monitor the crane’s outrigger beam positions. The sensor technology in each cylinder enables operators to get an accurate, repeatable measurement during outrigger deployment.

The GRT655 offers equal line pull on both the main and auxiliary hoist, allowing for a maximum first layer pull of 16,658 lbs. Increased line pull capacities equate to fewer segments of line required to lift loads, which keeps expenses low and productivity high on the job site.

The GRT655 runs on a Cummins QSB 6.7 L diesel engine that delivers 164 bhp and complies with all EPA Tier 4F emission standards. Dual calipers on both front drive hubs come standard to improve braking, while remote-mounted oil filters and easy-access transmission filters help to speed up routine maintenance. The crane has a GVW of only 36,004 kg (79,376 lbs), which keeps transport costs low, increasing its appeal to rental houses across all regions.

The GRT655 has a 20° tilting cab, an updated heating and cooling system, and an improved door design that provides 3.25 in. of additional width for improved ingress and egress of the cab when the door is opened.

Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) comes standard on the GRT655. CCS improves operator familiarity for lifting companies since the same ergonomic controls and intuitive displays are used across many of Manitowoc’s cranes. It also improves parts and maintenance needs, with components working across several crane ranges.

Other CCS features include an ECO function that has been designed to reduce fuel consumption and engine noise, as well as a Working Range Limiter that benefits operators by delivering real-time lift parameters that are easily read onscreen. SOURCE: CraneHotline

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