Overhead Crane Safety & Inspection Guidelines

Overhead Crane Safety & Inspection Guidelines

10 August 2017

It goes without saying that extreme care needs to be taken when operating overhead cranes on the job site, but the need for safety doesn’t end when an operator gets out from behind the controls.

Like any heavy equipment, cranes need to be inspected regularly to ensure they are in proper working condition. OSHA provides a set of guidelines to follow to ensure overhead cranes are in the best condition for safe operation. Following the OSHA overhead crane safety inspection guide can be critical for your operation, as proper inspection can reduce the downtime and costs associated with broken equipment, and it can reduce the risk of an accident. 

There are many inspection points on a crane that need to be checked to make sure they are in proper working order, and OSHA recommends those points be inspected with varying frequency.

Certain inspection points require a daily or weekly checkup, while others may only need to be checked once a month or once a year. By following the accompanying OSHA overhead crane inspection guide, you can ensure that your people, your equipment and your job site will be as safe as they can possibly be. Getting into the habit now can prevent serious problems in the future.

Overhead Crane Safety & Inspection Guidelines

Source: Hoist and Overhead Crane Services

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