PNI Logistics Handles Barging of 200-Ton Units

PNI Logistics Handles Barging of 200-Ton Units

15 June 2017

A client of Drydocks Dubai chose PNI Logistics from Dubai/UAE for this job due to the company's strong experience with heavy lift and barge movements in the area. PNI moved 13 units in total and made four voyages.

The average dimension was 12 x 7 x 12.5 meters (LWH) and the weight between 150 to 200 tons per unit. Altogether four voyages were required for the 12 x 7 x 12.5 meter units.

Special equipment used included a SPMT to move pipe racks from the fabrication yard in Abu Dhabi ICAD to the Liwa jetty where PNI then loaded onto the barge using a 750-ton and a 500-ton Combilift crane.

Modular trailers were used to move fiscal metering skids from the fabrication yards in Dubai to Jebel Ali port where PNI then loaded on-to the barge using the Combilift cranes.

PNI did synchronized jacking of the skids onto the modular trailers prior to move.   

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