The world's most quiet hammer

The world's most quiet hammer

"Driving down the cost of offshore foundations"

Simulations by Lloyd's register indicate that the BLUE 25M will comply with the strictest noise limits in the industry, without requiring additional noise mitigation.

The world's most quiet hammer

The world's most quiet hammer

Following earlier measurements, that showed very low noise values, these simulations confirm that the industry can save up to 15 percent on the installation cost.

The world's most quiet hammerThe BLUE 25M is presently under construction and will be tested end of this year

Building BLUE 25M

The first sections of the BLUE 25M are being fabricated by SIF. In the coming months Huisman Equipment will produce the BLUE 25M with these sections. The BLUE 25M will be the most powerful, gentle and quiet hammer in the world.

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