Transformer transportation

Transformer transportation

The planning of this job took about a-year-and-a-half and involved three tractors, 12 support vehicles, 30 Laso employees and about 10 police officers 

Written by Christian Shelton - 18 Apr 2017

Portugese transport specialist Laso has sucessfully completed moving two transformers from Portuguese energy company EFACEC's factory to the Port of Leixões, Porto, Portugal - a journey of approximately 16 km.

The first transformer measured 11.3 m x 3.92m x 5.47m and weighed 405 tons. The second transformer measured 7.75m x 4.63m x 5.75m and weighed 386 tons.

The total transportation load comprised 90m x 6.20m x 5.90m and 710 tons.

The planning of this transportation job, Laso said, took approximately a-year-and-a-half. The job itself involved three tractors, 12 support vehicles, 30 LASO employees and about 10 police officers. The distance between the factory and port was covered in 12 hours.

The company said the route was challenging and involved not only negotiating traffic signs, lamp-posts, and telegraph poles but curves, ascents, bridges, lateral slopes, intersections and roundabouts.

Laso reported that the challenges were all successfully overcome thanks, in part, to the thorough planning and feasibility study carried out by its technical department. Laso said that the successfully completion of this job illustrates its capabilities as a company.

The company, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, claimed that its cutting-edge technology and highly qualified technicians make it competitive on a global scale. SOURCE: KHL

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