Video: Dynamic Drop Test for Water Weight Bags

Video: Dynamic Drop Test for Water Weight Bags

DOOWIN Proof Load Testing Water Weight Bags Dynamci Drop Test 

DOOWIN believe in "Professional Cast Quality" and commit to make the highest quality water load test weight bags.

DOOWIN water load bags were drop-tested at the TUV National Engineering Laboratory, and gained type test accreditation at the 6:1 safety factor compliance with LEEA Guidance 051. ABS, BV, LR, CCS third party certificate are available upon request too.

Doowqin is one of the leading Chinese professional manufacturer of underwater air lifting bags, proof load testing water weight bags, lifeboat test water bags, pipeline inflatable buoyancy bags, marine salvage airbags, inflatable fenders and buoys, water tank.

Watch the video below:

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