Video: HTV automatic Safety Hook

Video: HTV automatic Safety Hook

15 May 2017

V Hooks have been designed to incfrease operation safety and time saving.

There is no need for a worker to access the hook to release it, avoiding descending to ship holds or climbing to the top of cargo. No auxilary stairs ,scafolds , life lines are needed.

Each hook depends have 2 batteries - the second one for safety.

They are graded from 7 ton up to 300 ton

Depending of the cargo engagement, linking the hook can be also automatic.

Please check the video below:

They are becoming widespread in the eolic market-GAMESA, VESTAS, ACCIONA, LM ( GE).

They are customize for client  spec.

Rodrigo Aguinaga Churruca

ICCP, PMP®, EurIng.

movil:  34 690663785   skype :raguchu

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