Video: Text book recovery

Video: Text book recovery

The crane uses it outrggers to imnsert crane mats under the wheels

6. February 2018

Last week we reported on how a 500 tonne All Terrain crane had slipped off the edge of a small road in rural Scotland as the verge - weakened by heavy rain - collapsed under the weight of the crane. See Collapsed verge

On Friday the Mellex group was called and managed to mobilise a team and recover the crane over the weekend without further damage to it. In fact it was able to drive away under its own steam.

Video: Text book recoveryThe crane stuck stuck half on and half off the road

The team managed to achieve all this without closing the road for more than a few brief sessions while they were unloading materials and equipment. SOURCE:

Video: Text book recoveryThe recovery in full flow

Watch the video HERE

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