Video: Videck ™ - Lashing & Securing Application

Video: Videck ™ - Lashing & Securing Application

10 August 2017

You might be familiar with Visual Cargo Care or ‘VCC’. They brought us the first visual workflow for creating lashing securing heavy lift and project cargo plans. The brand has had a complete overhaul. On May 1st this year they’ve changed their name to Videck.

Building on the success of VCC, they re-imagined their flagship product and workflow application Lashing Securing to great extent. Commenting on the new direction is Peggy van ‘t Hek, co-owner of Videck.

Video: Videck ™ - Lashing & Securing Application“With the new Lashing Securing application we’ve taken the platform to a whole new level. The application offers a robust set of professional tools to completely redo your current workflow for lashing securing. With Lashing Securing you will be able to quickly visualize various types of cargo on to any vessel. With maximum accuracy and full control your cargo planning will be faster, more reliable and easy to share with anybody.

At this stage the application is web-based, which means that our users are able to log in anywhere without a download and always work with the latest version. We have developed a Videck Dashboard that will host the application login and in the near future this will be a tool for professionals to share their knowledge.”

The new application Lashing Securing is now available as a BETA release? 
Lashing Securing is now available as a BETA release, which means you can start exploring, learning and using the application today!

By purchasing a full year subscription now you will receive a BETA user account and a 4 month price reduction. Your subscription starts as soon as the Lashing Securing application is out of BETA and fully available.

Video: Videck ™ - Lashing & Securing Application

Watch the video below:

Videck ™ - Lashing & Securing Application

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