Video: What is a Center of Gravity and how can you find it?

Video: What is a Center of Gravity and how can you find it?

8 March 2018

Take this last opportunity to Register for the Dubai Seminar from 12-15 March 2018 in the 

Hilton Garden Inn Dubai Al Muraqabat

Abu Baker Al Siddique Road Diera, Dubai, U.A.E.

Check it out here

Tel.: 971-46-097000 (Hotel)

For more details, send an e-mail to mr. Alvin Yong of Olygen, the organizers: e-mail: 

Video: What is a Center of Gravity and how can you find it?

Video: What is a Center of Gravity and how can you find it?

There is very little written material available on “How to Handle Heavy Lifts Safely”

(Transport, Lifting as well as Heavy Lift Shipping and Offshore Installation Techniques

This has changed now!! Go to WEBSHOP

Since 2008, I have presented the two day Seminar/Masterclass “Heavy Transport & Lifting” to more than 2548 persons in 26 countries worldwide: Australia, Brazil, France, China, Germany, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Monaco, Turkey, USA, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Switzerland, U.A.E, Singapore, India, South Africa, Uruguay, India, Belgium, Malaysia, Russia, Poland, Thailand and Spain.

Although I had announced that my Sept. KL Seminar and the Nov. 2017 Delft Seminars were my last public Seminars, Olygen the Seminar organizer and based on the success of my earlier Seminars convinced me to do 3 more Seminars in 2018.

Scheduled for  2018 are the very last public Seminars as below:

In case you cannot join one of above Seminar(s), subscribe to my free articles “Heavy Transport & Lifting” at right and you will receive every two weeks a link to download one of my 62 articles. 

You will also be automatically informed when the next public Seminar will be presented and where.  

I would like to thank all my sponsors, followers, website visitors and anyone, who favors my work for their continued support.

Check out the full Program of the Seminar “Heavy Transport & Lifting” in below Video: 

An extra Chapter "Wind Turbines & Installation techniques" have been added 

If you can’t wait that long, or you want to have the full package available for your own company, to train and educate your staff  in “How to handle Heavy Lifts Safely”,  you can now purchase the older updated version (June 2014) of all 11 presentations  in digital pdf format. (Total of 377 slides which can be presented in 2318 individual steps) at only €100.--. In total  you will get almost 2.5 GB (to be downloaded in three separate packages) of Digital PDF files and video fragments (47 videos as shown below) showing how it should and how it should not be done!!  

The complete extensive 4 Day Seminar package inlcuding the latest extra Chapters is avialble for € 150.--, and contains 6.5 GB of digital information (videos, all seminar slides in Step by Step, All 62 Articles as one pdf file etc.)

Go to the Webshop


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