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BigLift Shipping, member of the Spliethoff Group is one of the world’s leading heavy lift ship management companies, specialised in worldwide ocean transportation of heavy lift and project cargoes, with a history dating back to 1973. BigLift strives for innovation, excellence and operational reliability, adhering to high Health, Safety, Environment and Quality standards and operating to strict time schedules.

A great variety of heavy and over-sized cargoes for long-standing clients in the oil & gas, mining and power generating industries, is carried worldwide by a modern fleet of 15 specialised heavy lift vessels.

All the vessels we manage are equipped with their own gear with lifting capacities up to 1,800 mt and some have a ro-ro capability for loads as high as 2,500 mt. 

A team of dedicated, highly skilled professionals, with years of experience and the mindset to think creatively, enables us to offer innovative and safe solutions for clients’ technically and logistically complex requirements. Careful planning, engineering, coordination and supervision to ensure safe transportation are all in a day's work.

BigLift Shipping is KEY IN HEAVY LIFT 

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In February 2015, Happy Star has successfully transported two gigantic shiploaders and more from Nansha, China, to the multi-user dock of Sept Iles, Canada. 

The cargo consisted of two shiploaders, including elevator and tripper car, and 27 conveyor galleries totaling 73 components and weighing in at 3,023 metric tons, each shiploader weighing 1,200 tons. 

BigLift Shipping and client Sandvik Canada, deployed an innovative solution to carry the shiploaders, conveyors, and components in one voyage and ensured they were unloaded in the proper sequence to optimize installation dockside. 

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BigLift Shipping

BigLift Shipping

BigLift Shipping

BigLift Shipping

BigLift Shipping

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