Geurts Trucks B.V.

Geurts Trucks B.V.

Company Profile

Geurts Trucks BV has grown in the last 20 years into an appreciated partner in the field of trucks, machinery and construction vehicles.

In the past years our family runned business has grown into a reliable partner for every company.

We supply companies in our region and far beyond. Our clients rely on our expertise for just one vehicle or numerous vehicles for specific projects all over the world.

Our stock of new and used vehicles is always of outstanding quality, and our perfect service has become our trademark.

If you are looking for a specific vehicle, or several of one and the same brand truck or machinery, please call or email us.
We are pleased to be of service to you.

Heavy Duty Prime Movers, Tractors 8x4, 6x4, 6x6, 6x2 etc.

Geurts Trucks B.V.

Semi-Trailers, Lowloaders, Platform Trailers etc.

Geurts Trucks B.V.

Terms and conditions

Company Information:

Metaalweg 27
6551 AC
The Netherlands
Nijmegen nr. 29722

AEO Certificate NLAEOC 0001641

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