Welex Group

Welex Group

Welex is an international wholesaler and manufacturer of hardwood crane mats. Our products are manufactured with the utmost care and are of the very best quality. We offer a standard range of hardwood crane mats in 14 sizes, varying from 3 metres to 12 metres long. We can also manufacture all hardwood crane mats to specific requirements so that they fulfil your needs exactly. The fact that we handle all of the processes ourselves means that we can quickly adapt to meet your requirements. Our large stock-holding also means that we can almost always deliver from stock

Our crane mats are used throughout the world for a variety of applications; they are used to create crane tracks, crossings, temporary paving, supporting structures, provide pressure distribution and so on. This diversity means that our customers are also very diverse and include dredgers, crane companies, the pipeline industry, contractors, road and waterway construction firms, hoisting companies, the energy industry and many more companies that make use of our hardwood crane mats.

We sell and hire on a worldwide basis and can also arrange the logistics side of things for you.

In order to make the procedure as cost-efficient as possible, we have various locations throughout Europe.

Welex is your ideal partner for any job as a result of its quick delivery options, huge capacity and personalised, efficient services.

Welex your specialist in crane mats    

Welex Group

Crane mats

Initially, these were used to make tracks for dragline cranes which would allow them to move forwards and backwards on a sturdy surface. Nowadays, they have a multitude of applications and are used as supports, temporary paving and so on. Below, we have provided a few examples of the sectors that use these mats the machines that drive along them.

Welex Group

Welex Group

Welex Group

Welex GroupWelex Group

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